No matter the size of your business, the nature of your company and its activities can lead to specific vulnerabilities that outside parties could exploit to gain access to sensitive information and resources.

A solid cyber defense framework can help alleviate the stresses that today’s threats impose upon your organization. The pandemic saw cybercrime jump by 600%, and with technology constantly evolving, your company’s security maturity needs to be foolproof.

However, there are many security programs available, and getting your head around them can be confusing. In these instances, a managed security services provider (MSSP) is what you need to protect your company, your staff, and your customers’ data.

What are managed security services?

Managed security services are the basis of any good IT infrastructure. It focuses on cybersecurity and the well-being of an organization’s digital infrastructure. Provided by external third parties—an MSSP—their services include security monitoring, risk assessment, threat detection and prevention, maintenance, policy implementation, and management, and more.

In other words, managed security services supply your business with a security operation center that ensures your IT systems receive solid protection capable of scaling alongside your business and the current threat landscape.

What cyber threats can affect your business?

Today’s world relies on technology to function, and criminals have used that to their advantage. Cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks, and it can take them as little as two days to lawlessly access one’s information and technology. 

Every day, a new type of malware is introduced to the cyberscape, posing an even more significant threat to your organization.

Common digital threats include:

  • Eavesdropping attacks: When cybercriminals intercept two-way exchanges to steal information.
  • Malware: Any malicious software such as viruses and spyware.
  • Ransomware: Malware that encrypts sensitive data to force victims into paying a ransom for its decryption.
  • Phishing attacks: When cybercriminals masquerade as authorized personnel to trick a victim into handing over information.
  • Zero-day exploit: When cybercriminals exploit a weakness in a system before it is fixed.

Regardless of your business’s niche, you constantly collect data to further your operations. Much of this information concerns your stakeholders and customers—people who expect you to uphold information security policies. If your business succumbs to a cyberattack, you could lose your data, customers, and reputation.

Benefits of using managed security services

While an in-house IT team is more than capable of securing an organization’s IT infrastructure, such a team must also contend with other responsibilities or may not have the time to stay updated on the latest digital threats. 

Cybersecurity is an ongoing mission, and businesses must be fully prepared to minimize or combat threats at any time. Outsourcing some or all of this work to an MSSP rewards you with several benefits that can help your organization in the long run.

Reduced costs

While the safety of your business’s network is essential for your company’s longevity, upgrading hardware, acquiring certifications, and hiring on-site IT staff to manage everything can be expensive. Though not impossible, it does require you to dedicate some of your resources that could be spent on other things.

From threat management software to detection and response programs and auditing, MSSPs offer invaluable security solutions at affordable prices. By passing these procedures over to a specialized team, you and your staff can fully dedicate yourselves to running your business within a secure IT network.

Acquire up-to-date expertise

In the IT space, cyber safety is an entire world covering on-premise hardware, endpoint devices, software, the cloud, government policies, ethics, etc. When you consider that technologies evolve and regulations undergo frequent changes, it is no wonder that there are knowledge and skills gaps among IT workers—especially in regards to security.

MSSP companies work exclusively in cybersecurity and have the knowledge and skills to approach your IT infrastructure with experienced, fresh eyes. They can apply the latest practices to your business to identify where you are vulnerable to cyberattacks and recommend solutions to reduce and prevent these threats.

Consistent system monitoring

Cybercriminals never take a day off, and your business’s cybersecurity services need to meet them halfway. MSSPs dedicate themselves to your organization’s digital security. Whether you hire an MSSP to bolster your in-house IT team or you want to hand the reins over to them, you can gain peace of mind knowing that there is a team of security analysts maintaining the integrity of your IT infrastructure 24/7.

Short response times

The longer it takes you to recover from a cyber-attack, the more damage your business sustains. Since MSSPs are constantly watching over your IT systems, it allows them to be proactive and respond to anomalies and threats as soon as they are detected.

At the same time, their unique skill sets, experience, and tools allow them to mitigate threats in real-time and develop a comprehensive recovery plan for your organization.

Safeguard your business IT system

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is essential to have reliable and effective cybersecurity measures in place. However, digital safety is complicated and expensive. You cannot put it off. Whether in the form of ransomware or even internal human errors, your organization is always vulnerable to threats.

The cybersecurity experts at Singlepoint have the expertise and experience to protect your IT infrastructure from current and emerging threats. Contact them today to see how your business can benefit from using managed security services.


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