Companies must implement technologies that drive efficiency, streamline processes, and support collaboration if they want to remain forward-thinking. 55% of business leaders plan to improve their company’s communication efforts by investing in new tools, but organizations risk falling behind the market and frustrating customers without the right solutions.

Unified communications (UC) solutions help companies achieve greater communicative efficiency by leveraging various technologies to create a cohesive communication framework.

What is unified communications?

UC combines communications services and technologies into one hub for greater access and usability across multiple devices. It allows users to seamlessly move between features to take advantage of the best communicative solution for the task. 

For example, on a UC platform like Microsoft Teams, employees can communicate with their boss through a video call before switching to instant messaging with a few clicks.

UC uses the following solutions:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP): Telephony services delivered through the Internet.
  • Video conferencing: Software that fosters face-to-face communication.
  • Instant messaging: Real-time, text-based communication.
  • Emails: Correspondences sent to inboxes and servers.
  • File-sharing: Features that allow users to send and receive documents within a platform.
  • And more.

Modern markets do not call for legacy phone systems or communication software that is short of innovative and dynamic. The longer it takes you and your team to communicate with each other, the longer it takes your business to grow and satisfy your clients.

UC is a versatile solution to improving communication channels within a business environment. UC tools integrate with external business applications to tighten connections between an organization, its people, and the specific procedures that keep it operational and responsive.

Why is unified communications important for businesses?

With the increased popularity of hybrid and remote work, reliable communications and social outlets have become more crucial for organizations wanting to widen their influence and grow.

UC allows companies’ employees to communicate with each other in real-time and across distances. Regardless if your business is based in Detroit and you have staff in Portland, unified communications makes it possible to keep your company performing at its best.

What are the benefits of unified communications for organizations?

Whether you need to get in touch with an external party who manages your business’s IT infrastructure or staff members who work from home half the week, a solid communication platform reduces the chances of your organization experiencing risks, such as communication siloes and sharing of out-of-date information.

Specifically, implementing a unified communications platform can benefit your business in the following ways:

Reduced communication effort

Business is a fast-paced game, and the individual players in your organization must be able to compose, send, and receive correspondences as quickly as possible. UC solutions operate with real-time features, minimizing the time and effort it takes people to communicate with each other.

Enhanced collaboration

Teamwork is foundational in the workplace, and business owners who do not provide their employees with the programs and tools needed to boost collaborative efforts put themselves at a disadvantage.

UC technologies are not restricted by physical obstacles, enabling staff to work from wherever they wish while remaining connected to their colleagues. From sending out a company-wide announcement through unified messaging to supporting critical calls between front and backend workers, unified communications makes it easier for employees to collaborate and complete tasks.

Greater agility and scalability

In business, agility and scalability refers to a company’s ability to adapt to the market and capitalize on its strengths to boost its influence. Your organization will not grow if your team members cannot communicate and collaborate effectively.

Cloud-based unified communications leverage cloud technology—solutions that operate using the Internet. With a UC platform, you and your employees have a firmer grip on your organization’s strategies and data, a necessity for bringing value to your company and identifying opportunities to meet the market.

Deliver outstanding customer service

Business communication also covers your customers and how they interact with your company. UC establishes several avenues customers can use to contact your team, and supports these correspondences with reliable, secure connections.

When you factor in the performance implications of a solid, internal communication system, UC frameworks ensure that businesses can deliver high-quality customer service 24/7/365—no matter the platform customers use to make contact.

Spend less money

Traditional communication systems rely on hardware and require more maintenance than standard cloud communication platforms. Besides reducing the chances of experiencing costly setbacks due to poor communication, cloud unified communications solutions remove the stress of on-site hardware installations and maintenance.

At the same time, due to the solution’s versatility, employees can host UC platforms on their own equipment. This ultimately lowers a company’s spending, allowing business owners to funnel their resources into initiatives that enhance organizational productivity.

Upgrade your company's communication with UC

Unified communications is a strategic investment that can improve organizational collaboration and communication by combining different social channels into a single solution. This model can help teams become more productive and responsive to customer queries.

The unified communications experts at Singlepoint specialize in sourcing and installing UC solutions that support businesses and their communicative processes. Talk to the team today if your organization has been experiencing communication issues and you want a cost-effective solution that will enhance your staff’s efficiency.


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