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Top 10 business IT support companies in Detroit, Michigan

For all the benefits technology can offer a business, it also comes with a fair share of complications. Sometimes, systems crash or pieces of hardware do not work in the way their supplier promised they would. These types of scenarios can negatively impact your day-to-day operations and cause you and your employees an unnecessary number of headaches. 

Of course, you or your technology-inclined staff can fix these problems yourselves. However, doing so forces you to step away from working on your company — causing major disruptions to your business plans. This is why business IT support companies can be an asset to your success.

With expertise that combines impeccable customer service with the technical knowledge needed to make sense of an IT problem, there are ten business IT support companies in the Detroit area that can help protect your business from technology-related issues.

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Singlepoint’s experienced team has offered comprehensive IT support services in the Detroit area since its beginnings in 2009. The IT partner comes with various consulting and support services designed to cover your business’s IT infrastructure regardless of how you operate or what industry you serve. 

From specifics such as IT budgeting, service desk support, disaster recovery, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Microsoft consulting, and cloud security maintenance to all-encompassing IT support, Singlepoint shares your priorities and concerns.

Apart from the hardware and software of IT, Singlepoint’s specialty is people, and its staff understands the importance of listening to customers and how their insight can result in more dynamic IT systems and life-long relationships.

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InsideOut Networking has delivered exceptional IT and tech support to Detroit for decades. The company’s remote and on-site services include cybersecurity, general system maintenance, and ongoing planning for your business’s IT strategy.

Their employees can approach and solve your business’s IT issues with experienced eyes. As a bonus, apart from knowing how to bolster your IT infrastructure to cope with your market’s demands, they also know how to repair computers.

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Sphinx Cybersecurity evolved from Sphinx Technology Solutions and established itself as an IT support and services company with a background in cybersecurity. The company offers a number of solutions, including (but not limited to) VoIP services, email protection, business continuity planning, IT support, and more. Apart from support, they can also offer your business insights into the latest security threats and keep your systems protected.

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With offices in several states and a birth year of 2003, Intelligent Technical Solutions’ expertise lends itself to areas that can help assist your business as it grows: cybersecurity, wireless networking, consulting, cloud services, and more. 

The multi-faceted company can serve as a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) — a company’s off-site expert on all things IT and your business. They maintain regular correspondence with you to ensure that your IT systems can keep your business running. 

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Kinzit Technologies is a jack of all trades whose expertise has lent itself to several crucial industries, including government, medicine, and veterinary services. While their website offers a handy FAQ section to provide advice on everyday IT issues, their in-depth, fully managed support services in virtualization, security, consulting, cloud assistance, hardware support, and more, can strengthen your company’s IT infrastructure.  

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AM Data Service is a business IT support provider partnered with leading technology companies such as Lenovo, IBM, and Cisco. Their expertise in cloud applications and hosting, managed services, and network support, mean that they know how to rescue your business’s IT systems in times of need. 

Not only can their technical support specialists identify and fix issues with your network as soon as they arise, but they can also advise you on any system upgrades needed to improve your business’s IT network.  

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From 1994 to the present day, Xfer has offered medium-sized and small businesses IT support, professionally and reliably. Their extensive range of services covers cybersecurity, communication (VoIP), data backup and disaster recovery, M365 applications and related solutions, cloud storage — even web design. By offering a free two-hour consultation where they fix an issue you may be having with your IT systems, they let their experience speak for itself.   

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Proactive’s no-nonsense approach to IT support has cemented its status amongst Detroit’s small business owners as a reputable support company. Their philosophy is simple: determine the cause of the issue, work to solve it with a custom solution, and provide you with a strategy to protect your business moving forward. Proactive’s services cover software and hardware installations, application development, remote desk support, and network monitoring, amongst others.  

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Ever since it was formed in 2008, Grit Technologies is a team of professionals who can offer your business IT support in any of the following areas: general technical support, wiring and cabling, digital security (including safeguarding your company’s information from the dark web), Microsoft consulting, disaster recovery and business continuity, and IT consulting. 

With a focus on small to medium-sized businesses, Grit Technologies offers corporate-scale support to growing organizations.

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Whether it be an audit of your network, repairing hardware on-site, protecting IT systems with antivirus solutions, or migrating data from one platform to another, Concise’s mission “to be a one stop solution” for a business’s IT needs has led them to improve organizations’ overall efficiency across Michigan.  

Knowing established business IT services near you can help keep your business afloat in Detroit’s competitive market. Whether your company-wide management software contains bugs or your small business’s system is not working right, there is a company out there who is ready to solve your IT problems and keep your business at the top of its game.     

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