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The Top 10 cybersecurity companies in Michigan

Cybersecurity is an essential field organizations should be investing in. As the digital world continues to intersect with business and becomes more advanced and interconnected, the threats to companies’ information grow in number and sophistication.

Luckily, there are digital security companies in Michigan that assist organizations in strengthening their networks, providing them with the programs and resources they need to withstand cyber threats.

Below are the top 10 cybersecurity companies in Michigan:

Singlepoint is a cybersecurity company based in Detroit that also specializes in cloud security. The team of IT experts help businesses remain secure and operational throughout their run by providing them with cost-effective and relevant security solutions. 

Singlepoint’s comprehensive set of services include firewall installations, backup and disaster recovery, intrusion detection and prevention, etc. The company’s friendly staff work alongside clients to ensure they feel supported 24/7/365. With Singlepoint’s cybersecurity team, organizations can feel easy knowing their IT infrastructures are protected by the industry’s finest. 

Block Harbor is a Detroit-based cybersecurity service provider that caters exclusively to the automotive industry. If your business needs vehicle cybersecurity solutions, you can’t go wrong with Block Harbor. Specifically, their services include threat analysis and risk assessments, vehicle cybersecurity consulting, etc.  

CBI has been providing top-quality security services to businesses for the past 30 years. The organization’s team is comprised of ex-CISOs and other security specialists. CBI offers friendly customer service and provides incident response services, managed security, and more.

Sphinx is a cybersecurity company that keeps businesses safe 24/7. With top-notch services and a keen sense for cyber safety, Sphinx’s team of digital security specialists can also help companies with managed IT services, email protection, business continuity, etc.

With offices in Michigan, Oregon, and Canada, Convergence Networks is a managed security service provider (MSSP) that strives to keep IT and cybersecurity simple for clients. Their team of security specialists offers high-quality services in areas covering detection and response, backup and disaster recovery, etc. 

The team at Cyber Protect are experts at helping companies overcome their cybersecurity pain points. The company services several industries including legal and manufacturing and can assist businesses with security services, managed IT, and even cyber insurance. 

Nuspire is an innovator in the cybersecurity space with comprehensive services including endpoint detection and response, vulnerability management, and threat modeling. They are an MSSP whose team of cyber safety specialists help organizations achieve their goals securely.

The cybersecurity consultants at Auxiom specialize in servicing SMBs with up to 300+ staff. The Michigan-based security company protects organizations with modern practices and tools and also offers virtual CISO (vCISO) services for additional, hands-on support. Their services are exceptional and should not be overlooked.

Grit Technologies has been in the business since 2008. Their team of cybersecurity experts provide services such as cybersecurity awareness training, technical support, consulting, and more. They want to see their clients succeed and work to implement the appropriate security strategies to support them.

Brightline’s team of digital safety specialists value transparency and break down cybersecurity into something that is easy to understand for clients with any level of technical skills. Their services cover network security, compliance, managed IT services, etc. Businesses worried about their data privacy should look into Brightline.

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